Housing adaptation grants

If you have a permanent disability that requires you to adapt your residence, you can apply for a housing adaptation grant. The grant is governed by the Swedish Act on Housing Adaptation Grants (1992:1574) and other legislation. The purpose of the grant is to allow you to live independently in your own home.

Your residence might need adaptations in order for you to:

  • get in and out
  • move around inside
  • cook
  • use the bathroom

In order for you to obtain a grant, the adaptation must be necessary and there can't be any easier ways – such as various kinds of aids or devices – to overcome the difficulty.

Who can apply for a housing adaptation grant?

  • If you have a disability or share a household with someone who does
  • If you are a parent who has sole or joint custody of a child with a disability
  • If you have assumed regular, long-term responsibility for taking care of someone with a disability in your residence

The grant is intended for people with all types of permanent disabilities, including motor disabilities, visual impairment, developmental disorders and allergies.

You can apply for a grant if you rent an apartment or own a condominium or house. If you rent an apartment, the property owner must approve the adaptation. That is often true of a condominium as well. Normally you must be leasing directly from the landlord.

What can you apply to use the grant for?

Indoor adaptations – for instance, in order to:

  • remove thresholds
  • install a shower in place of a bathtub
  • widen doorways
  • install automatic door openers and special lifts
  • raise or lower kitchen cupboards and counters
  • reinforce lighting fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom

Outdoor adaptations – for instance, in order to:

  • put up railings and hand rails
  • build duckboards on the balcony
  • construct ramps
  • make footpaths hard

Rehabilitation and functional training

You can also apply for adaptations related to rehabilitation, functional training and health care.

Some restrictions on grants

  • If you move, you can obtain a grant for an expensive adaptation only if there are special reasons for choosing that particular residence.
  • You cannot obtain a grant for ordinary maintenance purposes.
  • You cannot obtain a grant to buy or adapt personal property.
  • You cannot obtain a grant to adapt a holiday cottage.

How to apply

You can obtain a form from our housing adaptation department or download it from our website. Enclose a letter from an occupational therapist, physical therapist, doctor or other healthcare professional explaining your disability and the problems it causes for you at home. 

A complete application includes:

  • the completed form and the property owner's consent
  • a letter from a healthcare professional explaining your disability
  • an offer and any drawings for the adaptation

You may enclose an adaptation proposal, an offer and the property owner's written consent. Our municipal housing adaptation officers can help you if need be.

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